givin up

2014-11-17 04:18:26 by paranoiaman

ive officially givin up trying to pursue animation until i can get some drawing things figured out- i dont feel im good enough of an artist to do it but thats not to say i wont work at it and get better.

all in due time. in the meantime im going to be working on sketches from the 'bad art' collection

anyone interested in my voice acting PM Me (demo reel will be posted soon)

Bad art project

2013-08-06 18:16:09 by paranoiaman

so i am making a series of off the wall jokes. its categorised as dark/shock humor meaning its shocking to some but in other cases its funny in a dark way and i mean really dark. i am also looking for animators for the job at hand.
keep in touch (HAHAHA just jokes)

my 2 cents of NG

2013-08-05 18:13:33 by paranoiaman

so i have wanted to join the NG community for quite some time. i really do love what this site does for the internet, art and content wise. there is no restrictions to content NONE and its basically an art site. animation and occasionally voice acting really makes a big part of what this site is-FUKN AWESOME! always have been a fan of animation especially on newgrounds.
i have been practicing my characterization style and voice acting for some time now and so far so good i guess. currently working on the bad art project, which is shock/dark humor and i wont be surprised if i offend in the future. once my funding allows me to get the hardware to animate then....oh god help us AHAHAHAHAHA!
but y'know- whatever


2009-05-24 07:10:23 by paranoiaman

i have nothing to say to you.


2009-05-20 01:45:27 by paranoiaman

im going to set myself on fire to purify my sins! you'll see and it will be glorious

just another day

2009-03-13 01:54:40 by paranoiaman

living like a rockstar. if people dont like it they can shove it, who cares what they think anyway?
---The Land of the Free & the Home of the Stoned
--Homegrown's Still Stoned
-420 4Life

just another day


2009-01-31 00:39:21 by paranoiaman

not too sure on what to put on a post. sooooooo........TASTE SOME RANDOM HAMMER DAMAGE!!!